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Social Booth

Package Includes:

  • Boomerang, Gifs, Photo, Video

  • Backdrop

  • Custom overlay

  • Instant texting, email or airdrop options

  • Digital copy of images

  • Varies filter options

  • Print on demand


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Open Air Booth

Package Includes: 

  • Digital online gallery

  • Custom photo card  4x6 or 2x6 option

  • Backdrop

  • Instant text, email, FB or Twitter

  • FUN Booth Attendant

  • Print on demand​



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360 Booth Experience

Package Includes: 

  • Booth Attendant

  • HD Surround Lighting

  • Branding/Logo

  • Instant Share

  • Online Gallary 

  • High quality clips 

  • Varies hours of service 



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Additional Services  

Cold Sparklers - Dancing on the Cloud - DJ Services - Uplighting -  Custom Props - Grass Wall - Scrap/Memory Book

LED Up Lights

The difference between a beautiful wedding and a jaw dropping wedding, are the details. Having several lighting enhancements to WOW your family and friends we can do just that. Our LED up lights illuminate the room to any color you would like. LED up lights can be synced to change colors, strobe, and dance with the music. This makes the room pop giving color and excitement to your party.

Cold Sparklers 

Cold Spark Sparkler System is a revolutionary sparkler “fireworks” system that does not emit any heat or smoke, and there is zero fire involved, thus eliminating expensive fireworks permits, or just being banned from being used indoors or outdoors all together. Cold sparklers are the perfect choice for enhancing first dances, grand entrances, or just to light up the dance floor. 

Dancing on the Clouds 

An unforgettable first dance! We will create a thick and beautiful cloud covering the dance floor as you enjoy your first dance as newlyweds. This is not just a simple fog machine as foggers are not allowed in most venues due to smoke alarm issues. This cloud is created using our professional dry ice machines, adding a safe, non toxic and beautiful addition to your night. Make your night stand out from average weddings!

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Butterfly Booth